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Property in Nai Thon

Properties In Nai Thon
The road leading from the Layan Beach area crosses the mountainside for several kilometers until it descends to Nai Thon. Nai Thon is one of the mysteries of Phuket because it is completely isolated, surrounded by mountains on all sides, but is only 10 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport. Surrounded by beautiful dense jungle, this is a paradise for beach lovers. It is also just a couple of kilometers from one of Phuket’s most beautiful pristine beaches, Banana Beach, which is why many people choose Nai Thon to buy property.

One of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in Phuket despite its size.
Many developers turn to this place to build luxury properties for those who want to buy real estate in nai thon.
There are only a few restaurants and bars and if you like peace and quiet this is the place to stay.

There is nothing special about Nai Thon, it is basically just a stretch of beach road with hotels and restaurants lined up along it, although it is possible that further development may be taking place on the land behind this beach road. However, there are some very attractive options. One of them is The Pearl of Naithon, a condominium resort that offers luxury condominiums at very good prices.

Nai Thon does not have villas very close to the beach, but there are some good developments a little further inland, up the side of the mountain or even over the hill in the Sakhu (Saku) area, which seems to be developing more than Nai. Ton beach area.

Investment In Tone
Nai Thon may not be attractive to younger clients looking for more nightlife, but its laid back atmosphere and proximity to Banana Beach, one of the best pristine beaches on the island’s west coast, make Nai Thon a great place to generate rental income.

Since most of the land along the main road is already close to the beach, land prices are quite high here. However, on the road leading up and down to Sakhu, prices are much more competitive. In any case, due to its beauty and excellent location, prices should rise as the whole island develops.

In addition, there is a small island near Naithon Beach called «Ko Vaev», an island with beautiful coral reefs where tourists can rent a longtail boat for snorkeling and snorkeling. Naithon Beach has a calm atmosphere.

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